Máy đo sâu Koden CVS-841
Koden CVS-841  
Professional specifications
 Advanced features such as dual frequencies, 1kW or 3kW output, unique signal processing make this sounder the best choice for the professional fisherman, wherever his fishing ground is shallow, mid or deep ocean.
Programmable output and frequency
The frequency and output power level can be selected in the field. No need to change the transmitter and receiver module any more as often required in conventional units. Note: The transducer must be matched with transmitter's frequency and power output level.
High sensitivity
A higher rate of transmission and a unique interference rejection system greatly enhance echo detection ability. Plus, a newly developed log receiver provides low noise echoes due to its wide dynamic range. These features help the operator to detect fish in a more simple and a quicker way
Entire image control
Another unique feature is the ability to vary the gain of the entire image previously captured. Using this feature, the operator can go back and analyze ground that has already been covered in greater detail including density of fish school, activity and even type of fish.
Bright and clear picture
A steady, flicker-free image is shown on a wide-angle, flat 10.4 inch Liquid Crystal Display. The clarity is retained even when the brightness is reduced for nighttime operation.
Navigation display
Boat position, event, etc. can be displayed in Lat/Lon or LOP by connecting a navigator unit. Water temperature can also be displayed with an optional water temperature sensor being connected.
Mixed echo display
Finding schools of fish often requires expertise backed by long-term experience. In this sounder KODEN's unique processing method allows the operator to find those weak "hard to find" echoes quickly by combining high and low frequencies echoes at the same time.
Event marking
Combined with the provisioned event key and current ship's position information, this unit enables the skipper to mark an ongoing event on the screen. The event location (latitude/longitude) can be output to an external plotter unit to be used in the planning of future fishing expeditions.
Operation "easy" design
Taking into account the marine environment and the operational aspects of sounders, we designed all keypads and analog controls to be logically arranged for quick and effective operation.
Compact and waterproof designs
The sounder can be installed anywhere on the boat, on the table, tilted console space or even on the fly bridge, thanks to a strengthened waterproof design.