Máy định vị Trimble Nomad G Series
Trimble Nomad G Series 
Feature-packed high performance GPS handhelds for GIS applications

The Trimble® Nomad® G series of integrated GPS handhelds offer all-in-one convenience in a device engineered for superior performance in harsh environments. They offer full compatibility with Trimble Mapping & GIS software and a choice of configurations to match your existing workflow.

The handhelds feature a huge 6 GB of Flash storage, 128 MB of RAM, a powerful 806 MHz processor, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth® technology wireless connectivity, SecureDigital (SD) slot for removable cards, and a 3.5 inch VGA display. With a variety of configuration options, including cellular modem, digital camera, laser bar code scanner, and CompactFlash (CF) expansion options, the Trimble Nomad G series provides a range of all-in-one solutions for field data collection and inspection activities.

Trimble Nomad G series handhelds are equipped with an integrated WAAS capable GPS receiver that delivers reliable 2 to 5 meter accuracy in low multipath environments. Designed for productive data collection in difficult GPS conditions, such as under forest canopy or near tall buildings, the Trimble Nomad G series is ideally suited to applications, such as forestry mapping or natural resource management, where accuracy may be less important but high productivity is essential.

As part of Trimble's family of GPS solutions, the Trimble Nomad G series is fully compatible with Trimble software solutions for professional GIS data collection and maintenance. Existing customers can continue to use the same streamlined workflows and DGPS infrastructure.

Integrate your data collection workflow with a Trimble Nomad G series handheld. Because it's a Trimble solution, you have a single point of contact for service and support, and you can rest assured that you are equipping your mobile workforce with the quality and reliability that Trimble represents.

Key features:

    * High-performance all-in-one integrated GPS device
    * 6 GB built-in storage as standard
    * Ultra-rugged form factor
    * Integrated cellular modem option
    * Integrated digital camera and barcode scanner options
    * Comes with a range of GIS field software solutions