Máy định vị Trimble Recon GPS XC
The Trimble® Recon® GPS XC edition is an affordable, ultra-rugged GPS solution for field data collection and mobile GIS. The all-in-one system combines a Trimble Recon handheld with the CompactFlash card-based GPS Pathfinder® XC receiver. It's the best value, ultra-rugged, cable-free solution available.

The Trimble Recon GPS XC edition provides the same rugged, weatherproof performance you've come to expect from the Trimble Recon handheld, and because it's so easy to use and affordable, it's an ideal solution for utility companies, government organizations, and natural resource agencies that are managing large deployments and tight budgets.

The Trimble Recon handheld includes built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and wireless LAN, to connect to a range of peripherals or to a Wi-Fi network to send or receive data. Cellular connectivity can be added to the Trimble Recon handheld via the TDL 3G cellular modem. Connecting via wireless LAN or Bluetooth, the TDL 3G provides continuous network/internet access to real-time map data, web-based services, and live update of field information.

The system has been specifically designed to provide positions in hostile environments, such as under forest canopy or up against buildings. If you need better accuracy than you can achieve autonomously, you can postprocess your data, a capability that is lacking in most other CompactFlash GPS cards. You'll get reliable 2 to 5 meter accuracy and the ability to control the quality and consistency of your data.

Because the Trimble Recon GPS XC edition comes with the industry standard Windows Mobile® operating system, you get all the benefits of an open platform for mobile devices. You can run the software that best suits your application, whether off-the-shelf or purpose built.

The Trimble Recon GPS XC edition is compatible with Trimble software solutions for GIS data collection and maintenance. And because it's a Trimble solution, you have a single point of contact for service and support, taking the hassle out of owning your equipment. You can rest assured you have the quality and reliability that Trimble represents.

Key features:

    * At a price point to equip your entire mobile workforce
    * Integrated CompactFlash GPS for a totally cable-free solution
    * 2 to 5 meter GPS accuracy postprocessed
    * Windows Mobile version 6 operating system
    * Choice of field software to suit your workflow